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Why should you use our mixer?

Let's look at the specifics of our mixer:

We don't store logs, so we can't provide them to anyone upon request.
We store information about INCOMPLETE transactions for 168 hours to assist users in case of need, and delete this information instantly after 168 hours.
Fully automated - the user does not participate in the mixing process.
Our bitcoin mixer has one of the lowest fees on the market (more details in the service fee section).
Naturally, our mixer supports the TOR browser for maximum concealment of transaction information.
Another big plus is that we have round-the-clock technical support, not only by mail, like our competitors, but personally with the technical director of our mixer in the anonymous messengers "Telegram" or "Session"! (Approximate response time ~ 1 hour, if you have an urgent question or problem, write him sentences starting with "❗️")
For cooperation also contact us at: [email protected] / Telegram / Session
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